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About Your Guide

Growing up in New Hampshire, my passion for language and travel was first sparked in a 7th grade French class. The teacher described the junior year abroad and my 13-year-old brain said: “That’s for me!” I spent my third year of college living with a French family and attending the university in Dijon and later returned for a second year of study and travel in France. The more I learned about French history and culture, the more I wanted to know.

A house, a family, and a profession as a French teacher came along and required full attention for several years, putting travel “on hold”. I was meanwhile observing my parents who were organizing tours to Europe. I could imagine myself crafting trips to France and eventually made some exploratory excursions and began to design itineraries. That old flame of passion has grown into the fire of enthusiasm that continues to fuel my travels. I launched my first tour over 20 years ago and have returned every year, visiting old favorites and exploring new horizons as well.

Please contact me with any questions and I look forward to our adventures,

Lorey Zahn

I have taken part in two trips to France with Lorey. My favorite parts were the French countryside and the small villages of both Brittany and Provence. It was exciting to be driven by an experienced guide who is fluent in French and to see many amazing sites that I never would have found with a conventional tour. We stayed in B&B’s that were old and authentic and enjoyed sharing conversation, wine and some good laughs with our hosts.


I wholeheartedly recommend these trips with Lorey and if I had unlimited funds I would go on every one! Lorey is a very kind, smart and thoughtful leader and you will feel well taken care of! ~ Susan Cassidy